Infinity Nutrition was born from the combination of over 12 years of experience in traditional Brazilian cuisine, business management, logistics and nutrition. We believe there is a gap in the healthy ready to eat food industry in the UK, where companies are serving low-quality products, unflavoured, and overpriced meals. So in mid-2016 the research and development of Infinity Nutrition started. We are very proud of the high-quality food standards we have achieved. From our handpicked vegetables to our various cooking methods we guarantee the taste, nutritional value, and freshness that you need on a healthy diet. All our vegetables are fresh, our meats are grass-fed and free-range. We provide multiple options with no gluten, lactose, trans-fat, sugar-added and GMO. We do not use Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) on any of our dishes. For cooking, we may sometimes use coconut oil (medium-chain triglycerides). PS: We also offer Halal options upon request.

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After a long period of research in mid-2017 Infinity Food & Nutrition was born. During this period we came to a conclusion that the meal prep industry is missing a company that considers everybody’s circumstances, therefore we have created a complete service that provides 3 different meal sizes, and Free From lactose, gluten, trans-fat, GMO and sugar meals.

We are the best meal prep company in the UK! Our duty is to deliver fresh, healthy and delicious meals to our customers. At Infinity Nutrition we believe in commitment, teamwork, ethics, and being environmentally friendly.

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